June Newsletter


This month I will celebrate my fifth Father’s Day as a dad and my first while being the father of three. One of God’s greatest blessings is to hold my girls; Maggie, Ellie and Libbie. It is made even more special when Maggie and Ellie on their own initiative (Libbie is too young to do this, but she is starting to reach for me!) walk to the chair I sit in and begin to climb, indicating their desire to sit in Daddy’s lap. It is not a burden but a joy to be approached by my daughters and to see their desire to be with me. Is it possible that our Heavenly Father feels the same about us? Consider the following verses:

For through Him (Jesus) we both (Jews and Gentiles) have access to the Father by one Spirit. Ephesians 2:17

In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence. Ephesians 3:12

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence. Hebrews 4:16

Again, is it possible that our Heavenly Father considers it a joy and not a burden when we approach Him to sit in His presence? Scripture answers with a resounding, “YES!” Our Heavenly Father invites us to come and approach Him and our approaching blesses His heart. Our initial thought may be, “I don’t deserve this privilege.” Such a thought is right, we don’t deserve it. But consider the context of the scriptures above. All three indicate that our ability to approach God is not based upon our worth but upon the worth and work of Jesus. Jesus, as the unique and eternal Son of God, deserves and receives unhindered access to the Father. And for those of us who are in Christ, the Father says, “Come, climb, sit.”


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