Long Time. . .

Wow, I just realized how long it has been since I actually have written. We have had a lot of things going on in our church that are exciting. Since I last wrote, we have had Pre-teen camp and VBS. We had 100 children come through our VBS this year. During VBS I talked with 6 teenagers or children who have given their life to Christ and want to follow Him in baptism.

This past Sunday, Justin Southall came in view of a call to be our youth minister. Unanimously (71-0), you voted to extend an invitation to Justin to become our youth minister. Justin has accepted our invitation and will be on the field either the last Sunday of August or the first Sunday of September. I am excited about all that God has in store for Justin and for our youth.

Justin’s coming, means that Drew will be resigning as our youth minister effective August 15. I am so thankful for Drew’s ministry to our students, but I also know that God has called Drew to be a coach and teacher in our school system. I am looking forward to how God will use Drew, sorry, Coach Howard in his new position as well as how he will continue to use Drew and Carrie in our church.


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