Deacons: God’s Servant Leaders

God has laid on the hearts of our current Deacon body that it is God’s appointed season for us to prayerfully consider the ordination of other men to serve on our Deacon Body. I cannot over emphasize how important it is that we bathe this process in prayer as we seek God in this matter. So far, I have preached three of what we will be five or six messages related to Deacon Ministry. I wanted to use this article to summarize what we have discussed thus far.
Acts 6 lays the foundation for what would later become the official office of Deacon. At that time, the early church was rapidly growing bringing both great blessings and “growth pains.” One of these growth pains was the fact that the apostles could no longer keep up with all the needs within the church without losing their focus on preaching and prayer. They recognized the need to select other men to rise up within the church as servant leaders. The church selected from among themselves “seven men of good reputation, full of the Spirit and wisdom.” This process brought unity to the church at a time Satan was trying to bring division and allowed the church to move forward with fruitful results for the Lord!
One of these servant leaders was a man named Stephen. Stephen was a man filled with the Holy Spirit who was a herald of God’s truth. He proclaimed God’s message even though it would cost him his life. (Remember, the first person to die for his faith in Christ was not an apostle but one of these men appointed by the church to be a servant leader.) Stephen was able to live life with grace and to forgive his persecutors because he viewed life (and death) with a Heavenly perspective. God even allowed Stephen to glimpse into the throne room of Heaven to see Jesus standing at the right hand of God. Stephen’s name means “crown” reminding us of the fact that he received the “crown of life” at his Homecoming celebration.
Another of these servant leaders was Philip. Philip is known as the Evangelist. As such, he walked in obedience to the Spirit of God, knew the Scriptures of God, pointed others to the Son of God, and, wherever he went, spread the Joy of God.
As we apply these messages to our church, let each of us commit to be the servant leaders that God has called us to be. Also, as we prayerfully select men to serve as Deacons in our church, let us seek men who are filled with and obey the Holy Spirit, speak God’s truth because they know His word and passionately desire to point others to Jesus, and spread the joy of God as they view life with a Heavenly perspective and anticipate a Homecoming Celebration!


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