Praying for God’s Servants

One of the greatest joys I have is seeing and hearing of the students who I had the priviledge of having in a youth group who are now serving the Lord in special ministry. Because of world events I wanted to mention them and ask for special prayer for them:

Sara Henthorn is on a short term mission trip right now in Kenya. Kenya has been a rather stable country but has erupted in civil war while she is there. Pray for her safety as well as others on the team. Last night, Waldo Chandler asked for special prayer for missionary friends who are in Kenya who had to abandon their home.

Jessica Mooney leaves next week for China. She will be “taking a break” from her college education at DBU to serve as a Home School teacher, work in a school for the deaf, and work as a photographer. She will be staying with more friends of ours, Hal and Rhonda Stanford and their children. Hal is an engineer teaching tribes how to get clean water while he and Rhonda share the Good News of Jesus with the people of China.

Kacy Chandler is a missionary in Mali translating God’s truth into story form for for the Maninka people.

Justin Southall is serving as our youth minister and doing a great job building relationships with our youth as he points them to Jesus.

Stacie Garrett is serving alongside her husband Joe at Three-Mountain Retreat.

Justin Henthorn is studying in North Carolina for special outdoor ministry. Think Bear Gryll meets Billy Graham!


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