Happy Homes and Cheerful Churches

Colossians 3:12-17

1. The Identitiy Principle: Know yourself in Christ
a. Chosen Ones
b. Holy
c. Loved

2. The wardrobe principle: Clothe yourslef with the character of Christ.
a. heartfelt compassion
b. kindness
c. humility
d. gentleness
e. patience
f. accepting
g. forgiving
h. loving

3. The Harmony Principle: Surrender yourself to the peace of Christ.
We are called to peace.
Our heart are to be controlled by peace.

4. The Gratitude Primciple: Humble yourself to give thanks to Christ.
Be Thankful.
With Gratitude.
Give Thanks.

5. The Scripture Pinciple: Immerse yourself in the word of Christ.

6. The Motive Principle: Give yourself to the glory of Christ.
with your lips.
with your life.


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