February 2009 Newsletter

Pastor Ramblings
If you do not mind, I would like to take a few minutes just to ramble. Don’t Mind? Good, here we go.

Our Long Range Planning Team has been working hard seeking the will of God for the future of our church. Soon they will be bringing before the church a future site plan for our property. Continue to pray that we as FBC Lipan will have God’s vision for our church and community. A vision that is bigger than we are but glorifies no one but God!

Each and every week we are having visitors join us to worship the Lord. Praise God! I challenge you to make it habit every week to introduce yourself and welcome those around you.

Last year, we saw 18 individuals come to know the Lord and follow Him in believer’s baptism. Pray for God to use FBC Lipan to reach many souls for Jesus!

Calling on Artist! I am often amazed at the talent we have in our church artistically. I want to challenge our artist to create photographs, paintings, or crafts of either the cross or the empty tomb. I would like to display these pieces throughout our church during the weeks surrounding Easter beginning March 29th.

It is not too early to start thinking about your summer plans. Take a look in the newsletter at the “Looking Ahead” section to see the summer of ministry that we are looking forward to. I especially want to encourage you to pray about being part of our summer mission team. Everyone is welcome. (Sixth graders and below must have a parent go with them.) We will be going to Galveston this year to help rebuild homes and churches destroyed by last year’s hurricane. We will be working with Nehemiah’s Vision and University Baptist Church. Our first meal to raise money for mission trip will be February 22nd. This meal will be pot luck. Our next meal will be on March 29th when we will have a chili cook off.

How about a date night for Valentine’s? And then, how about another the day after Valentine’s? We will be showing the movie Fireproof in our church sanctuary on Sunday, February 15th at 6:00 p.m. We will also show a VeggieTales movie for the kids in the fellowship hall. If your kids watch the Veggie Tale s movie, consider giving a donation to the youth camp fund as some of our teenagers will be watching the kids.

Thanks for letting me rambling! God Bless!


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