Characteristics of Growing Churches

I recently read this article on May these characteristics be true of FBC LIPAN!

1. Positive spirit of excitement.
People demonstrate in various ways they are glad they are at church. I catch their excitement and I’m glad to be there, too!
2. Spirit of expectation.
God is expected to act today like He has always acted toward His people based on who He is and not on what we have done.
3. Celebrative worship service.
Style is not as important as the expression of the heart in worship. The “worship war” is not fought every time the church gathers in worship.
4. Opportunities to build meaningful relationships through small groups.
This is primarily accomplished through Sunday School – sometimes known by other names. What these small groups are called and when they meet are not as important as the intentional investing their lives in others.
5. Focus on giving away the faith through lifestyle evangelism.
This would support the authentic relationships through the small groups resulting in people coming to Christ and the number of small groups multiplying.
6. No sentence ever begins with “I.”
No spirit of entitlement or ownership from any group within the fellowship. There is a feeling of, “I don’t win if you lose.”
7. “What can I do?” and “What can I give?” are expressed not only with meaning, but also with action.
Nothing is considered an impossibility with God.
8. Missions involvement.
Small groups of all ages are encouraged to be involved locally and globally.
9. Pastor/staff who lead and congregations who follow.
No battles between individuals or groups for power. There is a great respect and trust that permeates leadership on all levels.
10. Church is a safe place to come to God – Grace rules!
There seems to be an acceptance

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