I learned a new word in Portugese, “Beleza”. Beleza literally means beauty or splendor. It is used in Psalms to say “gaze upon the ‘beleza’ of His holiness, but it is used in a slang expression to mean something similiar to “It’s all good!”

Beleza is a word that captures my experience in Brazil. Brazil is a beautiful nation that is filled with beautiful people. The Christians are filled with the Beleza of Jesus. Believers love one another. Believers pray for God to do the impossible knowing the impossible is possible with God. Believers share the good news of Jesus with those in need of Him. Beleza!

Brazil is also a nation that has much poverty and many people with great needs. But even here I say “Beleza”. Every person living in poverty and with pain is a person who is loved by God and a person for whom Jesus died. I saw time after time, believers surround, sacrifice for, and love people in need with the love of God.

To me this is BELEZA!


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