Devotional Thoughts – Lacking the Answer – Religious Tolerance 5/10/11

Numbers 9

Have you ever been asked a question regarding spiritual matters and did not know the answer?  Many times we feel like we have to make something up.  Not true!  It is completely appropriate to say, "I don't know the answer now but I will consider what God says about that in His Word and will get back to you."

That's what Moses did when he was asked a question about the Passover he could not answer.  "And Moses said to them, 'Wait, that I may hear what the Lord will command concerning you."  Numbers 9:8

Isaiah 45
As Baptist, we are champions of religious freedom and tolerance.  We stand behind the truth that individuals cannot and should not be coerced into worshiping God but should freely choose Jesus and his or her personal Savior and Lord.  Still, we stand opposed to the modern philosophy of religious pluralism and tolerance that says all religions are on equal footing, all roads lead to heaven, it does not matter what you believe as long as you are sincere, and one has no right to claim absolute truth if it offends others.  We stand behind a traditional tolerance that says we will love and accept all no matter what they believe while reserving our right to lovingly proclaim that Jesus is the only way to heaven; we stand against a modern tolerance that says, it is morally wrong to teach a doctrine (namely that salvations is found only in Jesus) that others may not accept.

In the midst of the modern philosophy of religious pluralism and tolerance, God proclaims, "Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth!  For I am God, and there is no other."  Isaiah 45:22

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