Together We Grow: A Vision for Future Growth

In the past five years, God has blessed us by allowing us to purchase two pieces of property that connect with our church property.  In deciding to purchase property, our Future Planning Team first evaluated the needs of our church and community and the best way to use our property for future growth.  We asked a church growth specialist from the BGCT to study our church and help us make a recommendation.  She prepared a Conceptual Site Plan of our property and the property we were prepared to purchase.  Her plan included a multi-purpose facility that could be used for worship services with a maximum capacity of 350, fellowship meals with a maximum capacity of 220, and family life activities.  The prepared drawings are now on display in the church hallway.

Now that God has allowed us to completely pay of the new properties, our ministerial staff and deacon body are making a joint recommendation to take a step of faith towards this Vision for Future Growth.  Our recommendation is that the church enters into a Future Growth Campaign called Together We Grow.  Once the Together We Grow fund reaches $200,000 (whether this takes 3 years or 10 years, God knows) our church will select a New Building Team which will reevaluate the Conceptual Site Plan (this team may decide to make major changes to the plan or only minor adjustments), prepare an estimate for the New Building, evaluate how to further fund the building, and recommend that we enter into the building process.  The New Building Team’s proposals would be presented to the church for approval. (Because the fund is a Future Growth Fund, it would allow the church to use funds from this money to purchase additional property before beginning the building process if the church decides to do so.  Obviously, this would delay our goal of reaching $200,000.)

Our ministerial staff and deacon body will officially present this recommendation at the October business meeting.  Any discussion and vote on adopting Together We Grow will be tabled until our November business meeting.  This will give our members one month to prayerfully consider Together We Grow and to discuss it with our staff and deacons.

The vision for Together We Grow is built upon Ephesians 2:19-22.  You will immediately notice that this passage does not deal with a building but people being joined together and built up in Christ.  This is intentional.  If we enter into a campaign for future growth, I want each of us to clearly understand that more property and larger facilities is not our goal.  Our goal is that God would use property and facilities as tools to grow the church: Reaching the Lost for Jesus and Uniting Believers together!  Property is a tool!  People are the church!


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