Christmas Eve 2011 – God’s Inexpressible Gift

God has an inexpressible gift He wants you to receive.  It is the gift of salvation purchased by His Son.  That’s what we celebrate tonight.  The fact that God sent His only Son to earth, to be born as a baby, to live a perfect life while experiencing all the pain and temptation this world brings, to die as a prefect sacrifice in our place, and to rise forever more to grant the gift of abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven for all who would receive Him.  Have your receive God’s inexpressible gift?

There are some gifts that we receive that really have no lasting impact on our life.  Last year at our young adult Christmas party we had a white elephant gift exchange.  I receive a white elephant gift.  A literal white elephant.  A literal deformed white elephant.  The gift got a good laugh.  It was then taken home and put in the back of a drawer, never to be seen from again.  That is until next week at our Young Adult Christmas party when it will be re-gifted.  That white elephant was fun to receive yet it had no lasting impact and it took absolutely no commitment on my part to receive it.

Compare that to the Christmas gift I gave Sunshine 11 years ago tonight.  After our Christmas Eve service that night, Sunshine and I exchanged the gifts we had for each other.  The gift I gave her was a small wrapped box.  I wish I could say that my giving her that box was as smooth as could be. But if you know me well, you know that probably was not the case.  Still, Sunshine opened the gift with an engagement ring inside and she said, yes, she would receive it.  And in receiving it, she gave me the honor of becoming my wife.  And once we were married, we entered into a covenant before God to be husband and wife for the rest of our lives.

My receiving of the white elephant was much different than Sunshine’s receiving of the engagement ring.  One gift had no lasting impact.  One gift would change our lives.  One gift required no commitment at all.  One gift demanded a lifetime commitment.

I think there are some people that wantto receive God’s gift of salvation through Jesus like I received that white elephant.  They want to be able to know they have heaven somewhere in the back of the closet but they really do not want it to impact their day to day life and they don’t want it to require some sort of commitment on their part.

I hope you understand that receiving God’s gift of eternal life is much more like receiving an engagement ring.  You are saying to Jesus, I want to be one with you and I want to walk with you forever.  I want to enter into a covenant relationship with you forever!  And my part of the covenant is to trust in you and allow you to be the Lord of my life everyday.

Have you truly received God’s gift.  Not like one receives a white elephant gift.  But by receiving it, trusting in God with all of your life for the rest of your life?  If not, would you receive Him now?


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