John the Baptist

My name is John. I have been called many things. Peculiar. Passionate. Fanatical. Faithful. Arrogant. Abrasive. Bold. Hypocritical. Radical. Religious. Dangerous. The prophet. The baptist. Still, it does not matter. I am concerned only with the opinion of One. His call on my life is clear. I am consumed by this and by this alone. At whatever cost, I will make known to my Jewish brethren what God through His Spirit has made known to me: The Messiah is here. We must turn from sin that we may hear from Him. Some have called me great. The greatest among us are not in His class. He is categorically different. He is the Lamb of God. The voice of the Father spoke. The Spirit as a dove descended. If you have followed me in the past, follow Him from this point forward. I must decrease. He must increase. His glory is my joy. My life is not about me. It is all about Jesus.


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