John Chapter Two

I tried to tell them. The preparations were insufficient for the number of guests that would be present and the number of days the celebration would last. I could feel the anxiety among those who had volunteered to help. As the last drink was served, one woman was especially concerned. She told her son to do something. He seemed hesitant. I understood why. After all, what could he do. It wasn’t his fault. Still, the woman told us to do what he said. He told me and the others to fill the purification jars with water. I thought that was a pretty good idea. There was no point in even trying to find enough wine for the guests. At least they could drink water. And with the amount of water he asked us to get, no one would go thirsty. I assumed we would not draw attention to the fact that we were out of wine. But the man asked me to take some to the master of cermonies. After he tasted the water, he called up Nathaniel. I felt sorry for Nathaniel. Here it was his wedding celebration and he is about to be called out for his failure to adequately provide for his guests. But that was not what happened. He was honored for his wisdom for reserving the best drink for this part of the festival. Did I miss something? I tasted the water. It was water no longer. It was wine. The sweetest and most satisfying wine that ever had touched my mouth. I missed the name of the man who did this. Still, I was certain of one thing: He did something that no one else could do and he did it well. I knew that even though Nathanial received credit for what happened, the credit belonged to another. I wonder what else he can do.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 God’s people gathered. Holy ground corrupted. Holy indignation ignited. Tables overturned. The crack of a whip. The clanging of coins. What right did He have to do these things? What right did they have to question Him? What right do we?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 I have only been with Jesus a few weeks now, but everything He does and says confirms what I know to be true. He is the Messiah. I am beginning to think that I don’t fully understand what that means. At our friend’s wedding, he stepped in to solve what seemed to be such a mundane and insignificant problem. I know he loves our friend and wanted to help, so He did. I feel, however, His expanding love is such that He wants to step into the lives of so many more. Now we are in Jerusalem for Passover. As I contemplate what He did today, there is sense where He was completely out of character. There is another sense where the commotion He caused in the temple was completely in line with who He is. In Him there is a love and a holiness that meet that I have not seen in anyone before. I am concerned about the fact that the temple police and our leaders became so upset today. No one wants to be on their bad side. Jesus knows that too so I am sure He will be more careful in the future. They did make a good point though, how could we rebuild the temple in three days? And all the people who gathered around us, in some ways I doubt their sincerity. I think Jesus did too.



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