John Chapter Five

Wait.  For 38 years that is all I have done.  Wait.  Others, have seemed to experience the power of the waters.  But, not me.  I never will.  With the slightest ripple those that can hobble can suddenly run and jump in.  I can’t even move.  I’m brought here daily daily to beg but no one cares enough to stay with me just in case the waters are stirred.  Of course I’ve had the occassisonal family members out of pity say they will wait with me but after a week or two they get tired of waiting and go about their daily business.  Getting tired of waiting is not an option for me.  It’s all I can do.  This is my entire life: brought here, lay on this pallet, tossed an occassional coin, and wait for the waters to move and for someone kind enough to pick me up and place me into the pool.  I’ve decided that type of kindness must not exist.

“Excuse Me?  Do I desire to be healed?  Of course, I want to be healed but no one cares enough to….  Pick up my pallet?!?  Sir, can’t you see…. I feel something, my toes, my legs, I can move them. I can sit up!  I can stand!  I can walk!  I can pick up my pallet!

“Ummmm…. I know I shoudn’t be doing this but under the circumstances…. I’m not sure what his name was; I was too busy walking to catch it… Yes, you’re right.  I will be not do it again.  And yes, He shouldn’t have done that either.  I’ll be sure and let you know if I see him.”

What right does he thing he has!  Judge ME!  He has no clue what I’ve been through!  Tell ME to stop sinning!  Something WORSE will happen to ME!  Worse than waiting 38 years years by a stinking pool and pitiful people!  Nothing could ever be worse than that!  What’s about to get worse is his life, not mine!  “Oh, Pharisees!”


The gall of that man! He breaks God’s laws then leads others astray.

I’m not sure we should even call him a man!  Yet he addresses God as his Father, calling himself God’s Son!

He “works” for God!  No Way!

He can give people life and judge what other people do!  Not a chance!

And to claim to deserve to be honored!?!

What was he thinking?  Trying to teach US about the resurrection!  We know about the resurrection!

[What resurrection!  I don’t beleive that stuff!

Yeah, and that’s why you are “sad, you see!]

Then he says John proves who he is!

I agree, John is a nutcase too!

All his works do is prove he is of the devil!

And that stuff about Moses writing about HIm!



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