Discover First Baptist Church

Discover First Baptist Church Lipan

Discover First Baptist Church Lipan is a class that I will begin teaching once a quarter.  The class will be three weeks long and will be taught during our Sunday School hour in our fellowship hall.  I will teach the class each January, April, July, and October; with it first being offered July 8th, 15th, and 22nd.

Week One will be “Salvation and Its Symbols.”  Using the One Verse Evangelism Presentation, I will share how Jesus made salvation possible and how we can be saved through trusting in Jesus.  I will also teach on the church ordinances which are baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Week Two will be our “Statements of Faith and Purpose.”  In this session I will be teaching through our L.I.P.A.N. purpose statement, our statement of faith, and a statement of Baptist Basics.

Week Three will be “Standards and Structure.”  We will examine God’s Standard for His church as established through the Great Confession, Great Commandment, Great Commission, and His transforming of His people into a Great Community.  We will briefly overview our structure as a Southern Baptist Church that is both autonomous and cooperative with other churches in our community, association, state convention, and national convention for the sake of missions and the glory of God.  Finally, we will consider the importance of being an active member of God’s church.

Although the class is designed for New and Prospective members, it will be open to everyone.  This class will be beneficial to those who have recently joined in presenting the basics of our beliefs and what it means to be a member.  It will give prospective members the opportunity to pray through whether or not God is leading them to make our church their home church.  Long time members may be encouraged through refreshing their hearts and minds with the truth presented in this class.

Two other benefits of this class and its implementation are 1. It will provide the opportunity for me as pastor to meet with more of our church family in a small group setting allowing more people to know my heart and for me to better know them and 2.  It will serve as a spring board encouraging those who are not currently involved in a Sunday School class to get involved in studying God’s Word with a small group each week.

David Peacock
cell – 254-413-2050


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