My Family Is More Important Than Your Tradition!

Matthew 15:1-9

Jesus was confronted by religious leaders for breaking their traditions as He ministered to others.  They sensed their authority was being undermined and God was being dishonored as Jesus did things like heal people on the Sabbath, ignore specific details of ceremonial washings, and (enter gasp here) hang out with "sinners".

As he nromally did, Jesus quickly turned the tables on these religious leaders by confronting them with the fact that they raised their traditions above the Word of God.  God was clear in His word.  Parents are to obeyed while we are children and honored when we become adults.  Sadly, the religious leaders encouraged the people to give money set aside to help aging parents to religious purposes instead.

By discouraging people from caring for their parentsm they were making "void the Word of God."  Jesus says, although you want to put tradition above your family, I will always put My family above your traditions!

The implications for this is huge!  Certainly, Jesus teaches us that our relationship with Him supercedes every other human relationship.  Still, our human relationships, especially those of our family, supercede every tradition and taboo that rise up in our generation.

Lord, help us to get this straight!

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