Belize Mission Trip: August 2-11, 2013


belize mapLast year, the decision was made to invest our church mission trip resources into an international mission trip.  Initially, we scheduled a trip in July to Jamaica.  However, after speaking with those who want to be part of the mission team from our church and International Commission (the organization we are teaming with this summer) as well as further prayer, the decision has been made to be part of an Evangelistic Mission Team going to Belize August 2-11.  The cost of the trip will be $2000 per person.  The per person cost will be lowered by designated funds in the church budget as well as fundraisers – our first will be a Chili Cook-off on April 22nd following our morning service.  These funds will be evenly divided among all team members.  Donations made outside of fundraisers will also be divided among the group unless specified for an individual.

If you would like to be part of our church’s mission team to Belize, please complete and turn in a Project Application Packet by April 7th as well as a $100 deposit.

You may visit the links below to download a Project Application Packet and a Belize Mission Trip Flyer.

Application Packet

Belize Mission Trip Flyer


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