Practically Speaking – April 12, 2013

Practical suggestions for speaking the love language of those you love.
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The 5 Love Languages®

Practically Speaking

Words Of Affirmation

Do you have a song that is memorable between you and your spouse? If so, see if there is a music video or streaming link online and send it to him/her via text or email. The lyrics will be a warm reminder of the love you share. (Relationship: Marriage)

Acts Of Service

I got it! Learn to insert these words whenever there is a need you can fill. What does this mean? Well, it plays out like this: When there are groceries to be brought in . . . "I got it." When there are dishes to do . . . "I got it." When someone needs to sweep the floor or wipe up a spilled mess . . . "I got it." When someone has their hands full and needs the door opened . . . "I got it." You get the idea (pun intended)! This type of attitude will not only show that you care, but also courtesy and respect for others. (Relationship: All)

Receiving Gifts

Husbands, try bringing home some flowers for your wife today. If you are on a budget, wildflowers are nice too. It’s not what you spend. Rather, it’s the fact that you were thinking about her. (Relationship: Husband to Wife)

Quality Time

Dad: Sometimes you need to run an errand or go to the store. If you are able, try to bring at least one of your children with you. This will encourage them and make them feel special. (Relationship: Father to Child)

Physical Touch

When trying to communicate something really important to a spouse, child, or loved one whose primary love language is Physical Touch, reach out and hold their hands as you communicate face to face. Your attention and kind touch will comfort and assure them of your love. (Relationship: Marriage, Family, Love)
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“Nobody has the power to make you miserable . . . unless you choose to give them that power. Choose to enjoy every drop of today!” -Gary Chapman

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