Teachers are Hereos!

Sometimes we misapply that word hero. It is not someone who makes millions of dollars in an athletic arena. It is one who sacrificially invest his or her life in others.  Teachers are heroes because of how they invest in others.

I met one such lady on the plane from Dallas to Houston. Her and her husband were going on vacation to celebrate their first anniversary. It was their first get away since her school year tragically ended. She is a third year 4th grade teacher at Plaza Towers Elementary in Moore, OK. Her school was the one completely leveled by the tornado. Her class was to stay in the hallway. But as the tornado hit she ushered her students into the bathroom. The roof of the bathroom was ripped off but the hallway she was to have students in was where the building sandwiched down. All of her 4th graders were safe. Tragically, seven third graders lost their lives in the storm, all from the same class. Their teacher was  injured covering and saving as many of her students as she could. Teachers are heroes. Especially ones like these!

My prayers will be with the families who lost their children, these teachers, and this school ad they rebuild.  May God fill thus community with His hope, grace, and love.


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