Preparing Spiritually for Revival

Definitions of Revival

· “An extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results.” R. Roberts

· “A movement in which God’s Spirit comes down and God’s Word comes home and God’s purity comes through and God’s preacher (people) comes alive.” Dan Crawford

· “A revival is nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God. . . a deep repentance, a breaking down of heart, a getting down into the dust before God, with deep humility, and a forsaking of sin.” Charles G. Finney

· “To bring back to consciousness. To regain vigor or spirit. To restore” Webster


The Difference Between Genuine Revival and Revival Services

Revival meetings are worked up; Revival is prayed down.

Revival meetings are something the church decides to do for God; Revival is something that God decides to do for the church.

Revival meetings are accompanied by songs and sermons; Revival is accompanied by signs and wonders.

In revival meetings man takes the initiative; In revival God takes the initiative.

In revival meetings the message of the Holy One is lifted up; In revival the Spirit of the Holy One comes down.

In revival meetings the community calendar takes its toll; In revival the Holy Spirit takes control.

In revival meetings, “mercy drops ‘round us are falling”; In revival, “showers of blessing we’ll see”.

In revival meetings we are often the recipients of blessing; In revival we become channels of blessing.

In revival meetings the offering is raised; In revival the fire falls.

In revival meetings we say, “how many must we attend?” In revival we say, “Hallelujah, thine the glory, revive us again”;

In revival meetings we sing, “He is Lord”; In revival, He is Lord!

Dan Crawford


A Prescription for Revival by R.A. Torrey

1. Let a few Christians get thoroughly right with God themselves.

2. Let them bind themselves together to pray for revival till God opens the heavens and comes down.

3. Let them put themselves at the disposal of God to use them as He sees fit in winning others to Christ.



Personal Preparation – 2 Chronicles 7:14 – “If My people who are called by My Name. . .

· The Preparation of Humility – “ will humble themselves. . .

· The Preparation of Prayer – “and pray. . .

· The Preparation of Intimacy – “and seek My face. . .

· The Preparation of Repentance – “ and turn from their wicked ways . . .

· God’s Response – “then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land!”


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