Becoming Irresistible to Your Spouse

A wife tends to find her husband irresistible when he

  1. learns to create an environment of affection that clearly and repeatedly expresses his love for her;
  2. sets aside time every day just to talk to her with undivided attention and interest;
  3. is completely honest and open with her;
  4. provides financial support for her and;
  5. is committed to the moral and educational development of their children.


A husband tends to find his wife irresistible when she

  1. learns to join him in a sexual relationship they both find satisfying and enjoyable;
  2. becomes his favorite recreational companion;
  3. maintains overall appearance in a way that he finds physically attractive;
  4. manages household responsibilities and;
  5. understands and appreciates him more than anyone else.


From Willard F. Harley, Jr. –


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